Cardboard Boat


These boats were entered in the 2004, 2005, and 2007 Great Cardboard Boat Regatta, part of the Freedom Festival in Cedar Rapids.  The boats were sponsored by Kingston Lodge No. 676, designed by Don Mosier (he is an engineer you know), and built by the brethren of Kingston Lodge.

What goes into a cardboard boat?  Well, a whole bunch of cardboard, 3 gallons of glue, a little dry wall tape and duct tape, a gallon of primer, and a couple gallons of patio paint.  Oh yeah, a whole lot of work.  But the durn things float, mostly repel water, and actually paddle very well.

Results:  The 2004 boat, "Pride of Kingston" won its heat race and its semifinal race.  Then it got fourth place in the finals.  Trophies only went to the first three places.  The 2005 boat "Charlotte"  (a little "National Treasure" reference anyone?) did OK in its heat race and made the semi-finals.  In a brave attempt to add speed, the team added a fourth paddler, which caused the center of gravity to fall slightly above the neutral buoyancy point.  Things went well until the first corner, when the boat decided that up was down and down was up and the paddlers all got dunked.  Oh well, it was really hot and everybody had a lot of fun.  Time did not allow construction of a boat in 2006. 

2007 Update:  A boat was built for the 2007 race.  Available time did not allow completion of the paddle wheel variety.  The boat ended up being a catamaran, paddled by four persons.  In a vain attempt to add more speed, we added a couple ringers for paddlers.  One was Don Mosier's daughter Dani.  The other was a lady that Don works with at Rockwell Collins.   We actually did pretty well.  The boat was solid as a rock, no tipping over this year.   We made the semi-finals.  In the semi-s we got caught up in one of those traffic jams where three boats are trying to go through the same spot in the water at the same time to get past the first buoy.  Even with that delay, we cut a bunch of time off our first run.  But I think we were in about 8th place, so we didn't make the finals.  Still, it was a lot of fun.  We decided to keep the boat and donate it to DeMolay so they can have a boat next year.  We can easily modify it so it will hold six to eight boys.  Right now the boat is in winter storage at Tim Anderson's farm.  Next year, forget the paddle wheels.  We're going straight to propellors.

Click images below for details of the 2004 boat.

Don Making Ribs

Ribs On The Form

Tim Adding Stringers

Glueing on the Skin

Looks Like A Canoe

Internal Bracing


Painting the Bricks

Ready To Race


Click images below for details of the 2005 boat.

Braced Up

Add The Skin

Caulk the Seams

Looks Kinda Like A Coffin

Good to Go

Some Happy Paddlers


And Waiting

Some of these guys won't fit in the boat

A missing paddler--he's on his honeymoon

That wasn't so bad

That doesn't look good

That looks even worse

A safe rescue


Click images below for details of the 2007 boat.

Taping the Seam

Number 20 is ready to race

And loaded for bear

Nope, that's not us this year

Not this one either

Let's go racin'

Crew is ready

Get loaded. That water's not cold.

And off we go

That's determination

And that's exhaustion

Ram the Great White Shark

Are we done yet?