Masonic Theme Motorcycle


This motorcycle, owned by Don Mosier, started out as a regular 2006 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.  But then the customization started.

Paint Job--Design by Don Mosier, Performed by Baker Body Shop in Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Windshield--Design by Don Mosier, Fabricated by CoolWindshields-California.
Engine Covers--Design by Don Mosier, Fabricated by Chrome Fusion, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Wheels, Brake Rotors, and Rear Pulley--Design by Don Mosier, Fabrication by EgoTripp Wheels, Lubbock, Texas
Engine Upgrade and Accessories--Harley Davidson of Mason City, Mason City, Iowa

Engine Upgrades:
Bored to 95", High Compression (10.25:1) Pistons
Ported and Polished Heads w/ Larger Valves and Compression Releases
High Lift Valve Springs, Roller Rocker Arms
S&S 0.585 Lift, Long Duration Cams
Harley Davidson Heavy Breather Air Cleaner
Rinehart 2 into 1 Exhaust
PowerCommander to Allow Proper Tuning

Click on images below for full detail.

Right Front Corner

Right Front of bike showing windshield, front fender paint, front wheel, and right side of tank.

Left Side of Bike

Left Side of bike, showing tank left side, wheel, front fender, and derby cover.

Left Side Tank

Detail of tank left side, showing columns, checkered pavement, and winding staircase with 3, 5, and 7 steps.

Tank Right Side

Right Side of tank, showing detail of skull and crossbones, coffin, setting maul, shovel, and sprig of acacia.

Tank Top

Detail of tank top, showing checkered pavement, candles, altar, Holy Bible, Square, and Compass.

Derby Cover

Derby cover detail showing stylized engine with the pipes forming a square, and the air cleaner appointed with a "G", all fronted by a compass.

Front Wheel and Fender

Front Wheel assembly showing square and compass wheel, and front fender with a gauge, gavel, and trowel.

Wheel Detail

Windshield Detail

Windshield detail showing all seeing eye. The Chrome blocks on the bottom contain Blue LEDs which turn the shield into a light plate. At night, the eye glows blue.